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Default You once again have to be kidding me

I really didn't think this was gonna be a kindergarden lesson in checking oil, but once again people have proven me wrong.

If you really think that i'm stupid enough to believe you have to check your engine oil when the car is running you're nuts. I figured I wouldn't have to say that I SHUT THE CAR OFF> but OF COURSE I DID. like i said if you wanna flame, then you aren't helping the situation and if you think I can't change/check oil, you are insane.

I will reapeat myself YET AGAIN. I have been DOING OIL CHANGES for a few years now. Are you processing this?? IS it SINKING in?? I hope so because another rude remark will just show me how not helpful some people on this site can be.

I haven't had a problem with a**hole's until this one post. All i want are a few questions answered and all i get is harassed. Thank you Jon for your wonderful input on my oil checking abilities, but you really have no idea who i am and know nothing of my background.

By saying that it wasn't my fault I am describing the whole incident itself. It started when the Gas guy left the dipstick sitting in my engine bay and ended when the oil read empty.

Now instead of wasting our time attacking me personally, you may help by answering some of the questions listed above.
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