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Originally posted by Saco1997
Could this premature failure happen even if it was only run for like 10-15 minutes? If so, what are the signs and how can it be prevented??
Absolutely yes, none, and you can't.

Back to my initial point...
If you filled the crankcase with oil ("filled" as in you didn't leave any air in the crankcase) then the force of the starter motor alone could be enough to frag your motor. You wouldn't even have to start the engine to bend the connecting rods (Cycle World fragged a new Triumph with defective fi this way a couple years ago).

As for messing up the bearings, yes, running for 10-15 minutes is plenty of time to whip the oil into a rather non-lubricating froth... A good mechanic with a stethoscope can sometimes hear a bad bearing, or it'll come through to you as a ticking sound, maybe. You probably won't know about it until you (or the next owner) tears down the motor someday. "Premature failure" means the bearings might give out in 50,000 miles instead of 150,000 miles, or maybe after only 5,000... depends on how bad it is.

As for preventing this sort of damage... we really don't want to go back to "how to check the oil," do we?

Good luck, really,

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