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Originally Posted by marc l
hey whats up
i have a 99 subaru impreza with a custom turbo kit and i was running the hydra system. i was running okie. by okie i mean that it had its tuning glitches and what not... anywayz the last couple days it would start to act up. i knew it was working okie when the check engine light was on but it would all of a sudden just die!... and go back on! well yesterday i was driving home and POW same thing... this time it just didnt restart. it flat out died. i went back 2day with my laptop to see if there was a chance of getting the pos. to work but the software kept saying that i wasnt connected to the comp. so far my experince with this system has just been horrible. it has never seemed to work properly since the first day ive used it. anywayz im hoping someone on this site MIGHT be able to give me a hand. since as it sits now i have a 1500 dollar paper wieght thats worth a throw into a brick wall.

ANY help would be great!
marc l
TWE engine tech
Is this an Element Tuning Hydra EMS? I don't think it is as I would have heard from you but if so I can help you out but otherwise you'll have to contact the dealer you purchased it from for assistance.

Depending on what base map is in there it could be 1000 different things. A stand-alone is only as good as the tune it contains. Garbage in means garbage out! You may have bitten off more than you can chew as purchasing a stand-alone without a good base map and adequate tech support is a recipe for disappointment.

There are customers who are very good with tuning the Hydra and I'm sure if you provide a data log they'll try to help you out. If you cannot work this out yourself or through your dealer I do offer a support package with Element Tuning base maps and tech support but you may be better off putting that money towards a custom tune. You can also post on the Hydra EMS forums.

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