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Originally posted by davesill

That's all very reasonable, but it seems prudent to avoid a disagreement over the cause of the problem. We know the short shifter wasn't the cause because the problem started before he installed it.

What's normal? First gear not synching properly?

Well what I said was what SOA said. The dealer has nothing to do with denying the warranty service. SOA does this.

The last sentense was what I was talking about being normal. You wouldn't be able to push into first if you are above 5-10 mph.(depends) If you blew your synchro, that's a different story now.

As for someone who said he should be able to shift into first at 100Mph, technically, as long as he doesn't engage the clutch.
Can someone in God's name tell me WHYYYYYYYYY someone would do something like that? Does it matter if you could shift into first at 100mph? no because you will NEVER need to do it(not that you can't do it, it's out of the question)

It's a safety system that prevents dumb drivers blowing their engines. They feel cool when they could shift into first at high speed without engaging the clutch, but then the idiots make mistake and let the clutch go, see smoke coming from the engine and blame subaru for not making the engine go above 15000RPM.
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