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Default CAT questions?

I finally took the my car to my fiance's brother's car shop to have him check out my car to figure out where that rotten egg smell comes from when i accelerate real hard.

He said it was my CAT and that since i have it under warranty to bring it to the Dealership to have them replace it.
So i brought it to the dealership by my home (Manfredi Dealership in Brooklyn) and they came up w/ the same conclusion. They said they will call me when the part came in. While i was waiting, I noticed that there was a sign posted that said "$80 per hour for labor".

Accck...that's alot of $$$....i was thinking if i could ask them for the part itself and just have my fiance's bro install it for Free, but i doubt they would do that.

So would it be more productive to just not do it and live w/ it?


Since i plan on upgrading my exhaust anyway (within 6-12 months)...wouldnt it be better to just use the $$$ for a new exhaust rather than pay them to just replace the stock CAT. I figured this would resolve the problem also...
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