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Default Another OVERFILL story :(

We went out cruising with a couple friends and their WRX's. One of my friends was complaining about weird idle, and later on in the night, a check engine light lit up.

I figured I would take a look, I just thought his car was still new, and the idle was because the engine was not quite broken in yet.

We reset the CE light by pulling the negative cable off for a few seconds... but while I was doing that, I smelled "burning oil". Not a lot, but enough to make me check the oil LEVEL. Guess what, it had TOO much oil in it.

I don't know how much extra, but as far as the little "low/high" holes are in the dipstick, it was that much higher above the top hole (on DSM's, this means about a quart extra).

The kicker is, the car was drag raced twice, and about 150 miles have been put on it since the "jiffylubetype" place changed/overfilled his oil. The car just hit 2000 miles yesterday.

Don't flame him for taking it to such a place and not doing it himself, I just want to know if he should be worried about anything. I figure 5.5-6 quarts is not as bad as NINE, but still.

BTW, he had them install the Fumotovalve, so draining a quart or so last night was fairly simple (no jack needed either). The car runs "120%" better (his words ), and idles fine now, and the burning smell is gone.

Any recourse? any problems? Who should get the finger pointed to in case of a problem? (Jiffylubetypeplace, Subaru Warranty, or tell him to "SUCK IT" )
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