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Default Intake diameter and airflow question

If your Maf sensor and throttle body's diameter is smaller than the diameter of your intake, what is the affect of this on your Maf sensor calculations, air/fuel ratio readings and hp/torque?

Ex: A Maf sensor and throttle body has a diameter of 2.75". The intake you have installed has a diameter of 3". I know that the airflow should slow down after the Maf sensor since the diameter of the intake is bigger.....slowing down the airflow velocity. The thing is, the throttle body diameter goes back to the same size as the Maf sensor opening. I'm wondering if this is detrimental to performance of your engine.

Will this cause you to run lean/rich? Can it throw off the Maf sensors calculations? Does the airflow get affected reducing or increasing hp/torque? Just trying to learn something here.
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