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04 FXT

Thumbs up Used oil analysis FXT 6,144 miles German Castrol Syntec 0W30

This oil change interval saw all sorts of driving conditions and heat. Weekday commute is 5 miles each way, off-roading at the beach, trips to SC and MD with 100+F temps, and lots of stop and go driving. And of course, the mandatory spirited driving that one must do with a turbo (WOT, redlining). No engine mods.

Warning! Don't try this with just any 30 weight. Even with the fuel dilution (probably due to the short trips), this oil is still very close to a 40 weight after over 6k miles. Silicon stayed the same after I switched back to an OEM air filter (from Amsoil). I expected a drop in Si so I'll have to keep an eye on that and check out my intake. Copper went up for some reason as well. High copper readings are usually a normal part of break-in. Switched to synth blend at 3,750 and full synth at 7,500 miles (too early in hindsight).

First column is current, second column is German Castrol with 5,930 on the oil and third is M1 5W30 w/5,774. UOA by Blackstone.
Equipment make: Subaru
Equipment model: 2.5L Turbo
Oil use interval: 6,144
Oil type & Grade: Castrol Syntec 0W30
Make-up oil added: 0
Miles on unit: 28,644
Air filter: OEM
Oil filter: OEM

Aluminum 4 4 6
Chromium 1 1 1
Iron 11 10 15
Copper 10 6 20
Lead 3 2 2
Tin 1 0 0
Molybdenum 4 12 63
Nickel 0 1 0
Maganese 0 0 0
Silver 0 0 0
Titanium 0 0 0
Potassium 0 0 3
Boron 1 14 115
Silicon 15 15 18
Sodium 6 2 6
Calcium 1689 2582 3394
Magnesium 398 106 10
Phosphorous 754 680 764
Zinc 909 818 904
Barium 0 0 1

SUS Viscosity @ 210F: 64.4 [should be 58-65]
Flashpoint: 385F [>385]
Fuel %: .5 [<2.0]
Antifreeze: 0 [0]
Water: 0 [<0.1]
Insolubules: .4 [<.6]

Dennis: The small amount of gas was still there in this third sample so it may be an operational hazard you will have to live with. It has not hurt the oilís viscosity any and we donít see any harm being done to wear. Unless the fuel amount in the oil gets much above 2.0%, we doubt we will see any harm from its presence. Copper made a little unexpected uptick in this sample and we have no idea why. It comes from bronze parts. It should read at about 5-ppm in this sample. We will watch it for you next time, but we would bet it will drop. The TBN was 3.6 okay.
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