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Lightbulb 2006 WRX Wagon sound deadening in progress with pics

Finally someone asked. We started yesterday on my friend's WRX.

Here is how the stock doors look with the panels removed. I was surprised how similar the construction is between my 1996 Legacy and a 2006 Impreza. In either case there is no sound deadening on the out door skin. Even my 1971 Volkswagen had a 10"x12" piece of asphalt stuck to it's doors. At least Subaru installed some foam pads, but this is mostly to isolate the plastic panel from the metal.

One tip for removing the plastic....use a razor blade to cut the black adhesive if it doesn't pull off the metal. The adhesive will stick back to itself and you won't have to destroy the plastic.

We only installed a single layer (with a little overlap depending on how bad the piece got away from us - it was pretty sticky. The thin metal brace at the center of the door was cover along with the outer skin.

But we did not wrap the crush brace. The panel no longer "rings" when you rap it with knuckles. I noticed that on both my Legacy and his WRX that the front door rings a lot more than the rear door - and the really bad spot is the lower half of the door.

The inner skin was not completely covered. My friend decided to install a patch near the large flat area at the center of the door.

A speaker upgrade will also be included, so the panels are still off his car. I bought some jute (carpet padding) to install on the inside of the door panel. While we didn't get around to it on his car, I did put it on mine. The picture below is on the rear door of my Legacy. I put A LOT more on the driver's door. And the door sounds TIGHT when you close it.

More to come, but probably not until next weekend.
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