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Originally Posted by RainMaker
Well, in reference to the Mustang [email protected] (air resistance in HP to maintain 50mph... rises in resistance as a cube to speed) and vehicle weight, we *could* datalog a car in a gear (say 4th, since thats what Martix dynos in generally) on the road, and then try and repeat that curve by varying the dyno parameters. Then everyone could agree (heh... I know I know... I said "agree") to use those Mustang parameters in PPB.
Then everyone could then agree to forgo "flywheel estimate" numbers, and leave correction factors out other than to mention the temperature in the room.

OR, one tuner wiht alot of marketplace weight could begin by stating the [email protected] and vehicle weight (as a constant) and making all of their promotional "output" the same. Then maybe they could drag the community/marketplace along with them?

Wouldnt that be... hypothetically great?
Interesting.. This same approach is used on the EcuTek Deltadash Dyno software, as it uses the frontal area and Cd of the car to add back power lost to aero drag. I'm not sure if it also adds a constant amount of power for rolling drag or not.

None the less, the right constants would make things a bit eaiser. As far as the constants for the Mustang dynos, I would have to have Tim from Mustang chime in. From my experience, even the same constant on different dynos makes different lenght pulls. With our dyno set to 4500 lbs, it is still a faster pull the the Gruppe-S Mustang dyno at 3200lbs. ( and the Gruppe-S reads lower). The calibration files have a lot to do with this as well. Perhaps if we all used the same file, we might get much closer results!

I was going to ask Jarrad to talk to Steve at FIS, as their Mustang calibration file looked much better or more like the road dyno software shows.

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