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all the FAQ's you post are strongly backed by knowledge, The 2 CPS/STi/No CEL vs 1CPS/WRX/CEL with a lightweight flywheel sounds logical to me. now say, if gears get changed i would assume the weight difference of the gears could be a factor in rotational mass. the type-ra gear set SEEMS heavier than the normal wrx gear set. but wouldnt that increase in weight in the gears, minus the weight in the flywheel(obviously the gearset wont weigh 10lbs more than the weight lost by the flywheel) still equal less rotational mass, but only when the gears are in motion?

it would also be an interesting test to see if the rotational mass throughout the entire drivetrain is a factor on the CEL aswell. it seems logical due to the fact that the cel is popping up during acceleration and decelaration.

is there also another way that the flywheel can weigh less but still exert the same amount of force? mabye not remove 10 lbs of materal, but remove material towards the center of the flywheel, causing the outer pieces to have more material which would create more inertia in turn creating more force which can be interperated as less rotational mass, but more force. correct? or am i understanding th physics of a flywheel incorrectly?
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