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Unabomber, i spoke to a friend of mine (who just happens to be a physics major)and he said that the easiest way to understand rotation, is to watch figureskating ( i know...I know...) but there is much logic! when the skater spins, and her arms are spreadout, she spins slower due to the energy is able to be exerted in a larger surface area. now have tou seen what happens when she pulls her arms in towards her body? she spins much faster and has better control. the reason is due to the fact that the energy is more confined and concentrated therefore easier to control. that wouls explain why a lightned flywheel doesnt remove material from the inner rim.

Another HUGE factor... weight. he also explained if you get a 110lb figure skater and a 300lb plumber with equal ice skating skills, traveling at the same speed, when they go to spin, the 110lb woman would have the ability to spin faster, quicker while the plumber could reach the same speed, probably even more speed, but it would take a much longer time to get there.

That would explain your
"Using mathematics, one can realize that the higher you go up in gears, the less effect that a lightened flywheel will have to the overall equation."

That would also explain your statment on reducing driveline weight causing misfire CEL's.

if we could only turn the 300lb plumber into 2-150lb skaters.(disburse the weight into areas that would benefit...gearset, stronger driveshafts)


youre right, i havent read one person that has gone with a RA gearset that isnt already highly modified. that would also have a huge factor on the conclusion when you have extra horsepower involved.
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