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Default EJ16 Oil-free Turbo Project - Which turbo to use?

Hi All

I'm doing a uni project looking into oil-free turbochargers using foil bearings. Nasa have already done some work on this here.

I'd like to convert an existing turbo to use a foil bearing and test it, on a rig first then hopefully in my own car, so which turbo should I use? Preferably something cheap to get hold of in the UK (i.e. something the WRX guys usually upgrade from). My car is a 95 Impreza 1.6GL AWD with dual port exhausts and N3 ECU. I believe it's virtually identical to the EJ18. I have an Apexi S-AFC2 waiting to go in when I get the funds to have it dyno mapped (N/A to start with), what timing controller should I get when I go turbo or should I get an EManage and sell the SAFC?

The primary requirement of the car will be to test this turbo bearing, but obviously I'd like to make as much reliable power as poss. Ideally I'd like to just get it turbo'd at first for minimal expense, then do heads etc as funds allow (student!) I know the EJ16 was turbo'd by the dealers in Greece as their tax laws make bigger engines impractical, they reach 180hp so hopefully that's not an unrealistic figure to aim for. I'll be using a FMIC as I want stealth

Anyways that's a lot of waffle for a fairly simple question! In summary, which turbo and how much boost is suitable for use on the EJ16?


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