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Thumbs up Suby Sports pulley kit for WRX

I know there is a post below about this kit but that was an RS and I did a WRX install so I thought I would share

Fit and finish of the pulleys is excellent. I would say the crank pulley is one third to one fourth the weight of the stock pulley The stock pulley is one heavy chunk of metal. The aftermarket crank pulley is some kind of metal, while the alternator pulley is some kind of ceramic. I know it's ceramic/pressed powder because my jackass cousin started to play with the alternator pulley and dropped it on cemect, putting a few fair sized chips in it I'll let you guys know if I have any trouble with the chipped pulley down the line. Of course I don't blame Suby Sports if anything happens to it, it was 100% the faul of my cousin being a dumbass...

The pulleys are not underdriven so no worries about dimming headlights or such.

Finding the tools needed for the install was more difficult than the install itself for me. I would estimate one hour to install both the crankshaft pulley and alternator pulley. You may need a buddy to help with some steps.

To do the install you need
10 mm socket
12 mm socket
14 mm socket
22 mm socket, my socket set stopped at 21 mm
24 mm socket
Breaker bar
Torque wrech capable of about 90-100 foot-pounds of torque

I torqued my crank pully to about 85 pounds, and a little less for my alternator pulley. To stop the crankshaft pulley from turning I put my car in fifth and had someone step on the brakes hard. For the alternator pulley I jsut loosened the bolt when the belt was tight.

Because the pulleys are not underdriven, you can count how many times you turn your screwdirver (with socket attatchment) when loosening the belts, so you can tighten them that many times again when you are finished. I had to turn the adjustment screws on both the idler pulley and alternator 35 times to get the belts loose enough to remove. Don't forget to loosen the idler puller and alternator slide bolt before starting, and don't forget to tighten them after finishing

I don't know what to say about gains. People have always told me that you can't feel a gain from new pulleys, but I swear the car feels like it's pulling more. Feels better to me, and even if it's all in my head, I guess that's all that matters It really does seem quicker in 2nd and less hesitant in 4th and 5th.

Oh well, I think the kit is very worth it for $170. It's one of those rare mods that gives you more power and puts less strain on your engine at the same time. How many mods can you say that about
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