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Gruppe-S Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud - 02+WRX / 04+ STi

$99 shipped!

Hallman RX Manual Boost Controller - Black or Red
-All parts and components of the Pro Series controllers are custom CNC Machined.
-The new adjustment system does not require a lock nut or a hex wrench to adjust boost, simply adjust the knob and it stays put.
-Also if the knob is adjusted all of the way out it cannot come out of the controller. -This new feature and design provides for a perfect overboost system since none of the internals can be lost.
-You cannot lose your adjustment knob because of vibration or forgetting to tighten the lock nut like on the old style adjustment knob.
-The Pro Series has O-ring integrity for precise control.
-Every Pro Series boost controller may be easily upgraded to cockpit control by purchasing a newly designed add-on kit. Of course you will be able to buy it as an Evolution kit with the cockpit control already installed.

$109 shipped!

Gruppe-S Turbo Heat Shield - 02-05 WRX only

$49 shipped!

Helix Catch Can
The Helix Catch Can is designed to trap oil moisture and blow-by caused by normal engine operation, especially in turbo charged vehicles. This debris will tend to accumulate inside the intake tract, intercooler, turbocharger, as well as be ingested into the engine during normal combusion process. Needless to say, this sludge and blow-by will hurt the performance of your vehicle.

$75 Shipped

Please contact us for ordering information!

Phone: (510) 783-5300

We Accept Paypal!
Paypal: [email protected]
When ordering w/ paypal, please include the following:
product name: XXXX
sales rep: Preston
Price including shipping: $XXXX
Shipping address.
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