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For your viewing pleasure I have comprised a step-by-step installation of the Subaru 4 pot caliper rebuild consisting of seal kit: 26297FA050 (superceded to part number 26297FA051) Thx to ncarn8 for the update

Prior to removing the brake lines from the caliper have either golf tees on hand to plug the brake lines from dripping fluid all over the place or purchase a set Dorman hard rubber brake hose plugs:

Step 1: Removing Calipers: Remove 2 bolts from back of caliper and brake line (optional) from vehicle, drain fluid and obtain a well lit work area with'll need it as it takes several hours to clean, inspect, and reseal the calipers.

Step 2: Prep: Wipe the calipers down removing any loose dirt, brake dust, and fluid.

Step 3: Piston removal: I did not find it necessary to pump the pistons out of the caliper using compressed air. Simply remove the dust cover clips and the outer dust covers themselves. Use 2 large flat head screwdrivers with the heads wrapped in some protective tape so that you prevent scratching or pitting the pistons and carefully pry them up with equal pressure around.

If you are having difficulty removing the pistons, chances are the inner seals are dry, damaged, seized, or contaminated by something other than brake fluid. If this is the case, try to pour a small amount of brake fluid between the piston and the piston caliper chamber to wet the seals making removal easier.

This is what the caliper should look like right before piston removal, I left one boot on for pic illustration.

Look similar?

Step 4: Carefully remove all inner piston seals with a tartar scraper/puller:

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