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The rally has an "average speed" which can go up or down at each direction. The average speed is always below the speed limit. So if you were to drive at that perfect speed and never slow down or speed up, or slow for turns, or stop at stop signs or red lights, or pull over to figure out if you're lost, or you make a wrong turn and have to go back, then you would get a perfect score. Not only is it impossible to not slow down and stop now and then, but its almost impossible not to miss one turn in the rally instructions. So everytime you make a wrong turn, figure out you missed something you now need to backtrack and figure out where you turned wrong, go the correct way, and speed up to catch up to where you are supposed to be. Like if you make the wrong turn and dont figure it out for 1 miles, then you go back that mile you're back at the turn you missed but you're supposed to be 2 miles down that turn, so now you need to speed up to make up for your "average speed".

So the more instructions you screw up, the faster you have to go to correct them. The more you pull over to figure something out, the faster you have to go. Its up to you as the driver. If a cop catches you speeding, you're speeding and you get a ticket. The fact that you have a few papers of rally instructions in your lap wont mean anything to the cop (and you'd be pretty stupid to tell him you're in a rally race at the moment).

But the rallys are 90% on small backroads, some of them dirt and gravel that cops never patrol. Every once in a while you'll wind up on a main road and you need to keep the cop factor in mind.

So the club's point of view is: you should have to speed to do the rally and come in on perfect time. But everyone does, because everyone will get lost at least 4 or 5 times and have to backtrack.

Its a LOT of fun. But get ready to argue with your navigator. I've seen some nasty husband/wife bf/gf arguments go on.
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