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Originally Posted by Drunken Tiger 3o1
anyone know what gear those cars were dyno'd in?
100hp max? so there was a 60some hp loss from the crank? or am i misreading.
can someone knowledge this noob?
As Pat kind of alluded to, that was back in the day when there was only one kind of AWD dyno in the world. A number of the newer AWD dynos, like the Mustang, read much higher. It really is all relative. For reference, my car puts down 138.5whp on the same type of dyno as these old numbers of Pat's. That's in the same ballpark that a stock car puts down on a Mustang. It's not that there is actually that much driveline loss, it really just has to do with how the particular dyno works and is calibrated. The important thing when trying to gauge your own mods is to know what a stock car does on that exact dyno. Then you can do some simple math to solve for "X" to get an idea of what you are making at the crank.

165/100 = X/138.5 If you solve for X, you get 228.5 crank HP. Now, driveline loss is not a constant, so in reality this number is a little high for what I really make. Because the percentage of driveline loss falls with more power, I generally tell people my car makes 220chp. It is really hard to calculate actual drivline loss, so I am really just guessing, but it's close enough for bench racing.

In the real world, I know for a fact that I am faster in a straight line than a stock WRX. But then there is the variable of gearing that comes into play. However, if you compare my dyno sheet to a WRX, I make more power under the torque curve. But ultimately, extrapolating CHP from a dyno graph is not an exact science...
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