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Default New e-bay FMIC...not made from Burmese Soda cans.


Step By Step Installation instructions by sick1.8t

Q:Who makes this kit?
A:The kit is made my XS Power and sold by them ans SSAutoChrome on ebay.

Q:Where can I buy this kit?
A:You can purchase the kit from or from their Ebay Store and you can also search ebay for "scooby fmic" to find the kit. You can also email DeeDee to purchase the kit at [email protected]

Q:How much is the kit?
A:[OLD ANSWER]As of July 31, 2006 the kit can be purchased from for $379.00 shipped but some have gotten it off ebay for $350.00 shipped.
A:Feb 2007:You can email SSAC and get the FMIC for $295.00 shipped or you can purchase it here.

Q:What else do I need to purchase?
1) If you plan to use the stock BPV you need a WBR Bov Adapter (aqka:TurboXS BOV Adapter flange)

2) Any type of cone filter. Pepboys sell a universal K&N cone filter but any 3inch outlet cone filter should work.

3) A 2.5"-2.75" silicone REDUCER. Search ebay.

4) A 1 1/4inch 90deg elbow hose to attach your stock BPV to the FMIC piping.

5) Some of the newer kits seem to have a problem with the 90deg elbow that attaches to the turbo so one might need to be purchased. Your best bet it to try the elbow on your turbo before trying to install everything. The elbow should be 2inch to 2.5inch 90deg elbow.

Q:Will my Intake work with this FMIC?
A:It's been confirmed the Perrin shortram, SPT and the Cobb Short Ram fit correctly. Most shortram intakes "should" fit but any CAI is out of the question since the piping uses the same hole in the fender well as the CAI do.

Q: Is the provided intake any good?
A: It's a 70mm that tapers to 65mm. It works about as well as the stock box does.
ADDED NOTE:Be sure to check the MAF adapter for air leaks. The rubber gasket provided with the intake is rather cheesy but can be fixed with a little silicone.

Q:This is a direct bolton kit?
A:Like most stuff even bolton kits require minor modifications. This kit will require you to cut your bumper to fit the IC behind it. You will also need to put on a new coolent overflow (provided in the kit). Some I have heared needed to lower their fuel filter a bit to get the kit in.

Q:Where is the install manual?
A:Intallation Manual

Q:Can I keep my fog lights?
A:Yes. ALL years (2002 to 2006) can retain their fog lamps.

Q: Does the kit say XS Power on it?
A:Not anymore. The kits in the beginning cam with "XS Power" spray painted on the IC but SSAC has stopped doing that.

Q:How are the other ebay FMIC kits?
A:This thread is NOT about them. This thread deals with the SSAC FMIC only. If you want feel free to start a new thread for the other kits.

Q:How can I stop my couplers from popping off a high boost?
A:Matth3w came up with a good idea.
Originally Posted by Matth3w View Post
When you are putting your IC pipes on and before you clamp them down, coat the pipe and the inside of the rubber withn aresol hairspray. This is the trick I used when I was putting together both of my turbo kits on my Mazda. The hairspray lubes it up but when it dries creates an excellant seal. When I took my turbo kit apart I had to damn near put the **** in a vice to get it off, and never once had IC piping pop off.
Q:What year car will this FMIC fit?
A:2002 to 2006 WRX & STi (should fit the 2007 but I haven't seen anyone test it yet)

Q:Will my BOV work with this FMIC?
A:Any BOV that will normally attach to a TMIC "should" bolt on if you buy the flange.

Q: How do I cut the bumper?
A: You need to fit it, take it off, cut more, test fit it again to see where it rubs or interferes, cut more, over and over, rinse and repeat. You can look at pictures that others have posted to get a general idea of where you are cutting, but you won't really "get it" until it you're doing it.
Use this Dremel bit, cuts through the plastic like butter:

ALL information is gathered from this thread. If anything is wrong I take ZERO responsibility. As always do your homework before buying.

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It's a shame this thread was closed so quickly with any regards to the valued information inside it. I think it was poorly handled and thats all I'm going to say about that.

Now since these are back for sale on ebay I thought it would be good to keep the thread alive for new people. Does anyone know if the new kits come with the reducer or do you still need to pick one up?

I'm planning to pick one up at the end of Jan so any further information would be great.
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