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Originally Posted by tora
If you get a wider rim (than the 6.5 offered) you do NOT want a ET55. Depending on width of the wheel 48-53 generally seems to be the ideal sizing for offset.
Shouldn't the offset ideally be ET55(for the WRX) no matter the rim width? I thought offset is measured from an imaginary line running down the center of the wheel--so it should be independent of rim width. If offset is measured with reference to a point on the outside of the wheel I could see the offset needing to change. With ET55 the wheel will rotate on it's center axis(or at least where Subaru engineers intended). With less offset the wheel will rotate around an axis that is not in the center of the wheel, creating a push, which is why people talk about some offsets being bad for your wheel bearings. I've come to the conclusion that the only reason to get the offset less than ET55 or ET53 is because the wheel manufacturers just don't make them that high, or because you have a clearance problem on the inside. AFAIK only Subarus need them and it probably doesn't make sense financially to make wheels for a niche market--unless your company is going to specialize in Subarus, like Prodrive.

Like the previous post said, thats why Legacy GT wheels work great, they have the ET55 offset we need on a WRX.

Please forgive me if I don't know what I'm talking about--I'm still a noobie.
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