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Originally Posted by Jon Bogert
Throw your physics book out the window. In the real world, pressure, temperature, tread compound and sidewall composition all matter.

Don't say: "For a given [insert variable here]" because in the real world everything is a variable.

Did I say they didn't??? All I said was, most people think a wider tire gives them a larger contact patch. It reality doesn't. If they can run lower pressures, they'd get a larger one, but then again, you could do the same thing with your skinny tire to get a larger patch. , therefore, eliminating pressure as a variable in that case is proper.

We AREN'T talking about sidewall stiffness, etc...

Whats your deal??? I know that there are a number of things that go into a tires performance. But my statement stands,

....putting on a wider tire does NOT give you a larger contact patch, just one that is a different shape...

You can't be saying that ^^^^ is not true, it is, and thats all I said...
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