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Just changed the oil on my Dad's Outback, as it seemed to be leaking from the filter. Filter seemed to be on there tight, so I dunno why it was a problem - we'll see if a new filter fixes the problem. Anyway, I had mentioned above it was a different filter than I'd seen before. It turns out it does say Subaru on it, I just hadn't seen it the other night. The filter is very narrow - basically, the O-ring is just inside the outer diameter of the thing - probably about 1/2" more narrow than the Bosch 3110 (which I believe is the same size as OEM). It's about 1/4-1/2" taller than the 3110. The O-ring is pretty narrow, which probably shouldn't cause any problems, but I dunno. I don't like it!

Originally Posted by J.JOHNSON
WHY NOT USE A REMOTE FILTER AND USE AN HP1 BY FRAM OR EQUIVEANT. (SORRY FOR THE CAPS). The filter holds a qut by itself and has more suface area than two stockers.
I wouldn't add all that plumbing just for the sake of using a different filter. Maybe if I was going to be plumbing in an external oil cooler I'd think about it. I really don't think there's any need for a bigger filter - if Subaru's fine using a little filter on their 300hp, turbo'd 2.5L, then I'm sure my non-turbo making 100hp less is fine, too. However, if I can use a slightly larger filter in place of the little OEM one, then I figure it can't hurt to do so.

Oh, and one other bit of data... I didn't get any model year info, but apparently the NAPA Gold 1334 is used on lots of Japanese cars. The guy at NAPA specifically mentioned Accords. With that being the case, there may be other options (Mobil1, for instance) spec'd to fit Accords that would also work for us.

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