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Talking Greddy 52mm gauges from Vivid!

I received a full set of Greddy gauges from Vivid Racing, thanks Dan, overnight UPS earlier this week. I went with the black 52mm electronic boost, egt, and oil pressure. I had previously purchased a gauge mask and pod from Derres Catalano so with the gauges finally in my grubby mitts, I was all set for a fun weekend install.
Upon some research I decided that I would run the boost and oil wires and wait until I got a 1/8 BSPT tap, some help, and some drill bits to do the EGT sensor. As I got further into researching, I found I'd need to find a 24 mm wrench and a 17 mm wrench for the oil senders. So running short on time, I just left the oil sender line taped off to my throttle cable until I got the right tools. I'm also considering running a SS braided tube to the firewall and teeing off from there so I can keep my stock oil sender along with the Greddy unit.
The gauges fit very well in Derres's mask but do not come with any sort of retention system so for the mean time I just zip tied them in place. I'm going to CAD a retainer for them this week and see if I can talk our machine shop into making the part for me. Also, the Greddy gauges stick out of the mask further than the Autometer gauges the mask was designed around but I can live with that.
I soldered all of the power lines together according to their color groups, dremelled off the clock's wiring harness fitting, unsoldered the pins from the clock circuit board and crimped the lines to their respective pins. I then glued the pins into the wiring harness piece and plugged it in. The gauges lit up perfectly.
Then I put the car up on ramps, and ran the wires/tubes for the sending units into position and plugged the boost harness into the gauge.
At idle and off boost I'm reading anywhere from 650 to 550 mmHG vacuum and I peak out at about .98 kg/cm2 in 3-5 gears at ~5000 rpm. I had a slight leak from the BOV line but a hose clamp fixed that. The illumination doesn't change, but I was expecting that. However, they do match the stock gauge lighting very well. They're worth the extra cost in my opinion because of their ease of installation, accuracy, and looks. I'll come back to this post later when I have access to a digital camera and post the rest of the results.
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