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Hello everyone,

Well first off, an apology is due so we're sincerely sorry for our lack of presence and customer service as of recent. As I'm sure you all know, the holidays are an extrememly busy time, not to mention over half of our staff was away on vacation over the last month. We are currently still playing catch up so we are currently experiencing an abnormally high order processing time. Again I apologize for these delays and the mistakes that resulted from this situation. Things should be back to normal again by next week. Customer service is very important to Gruppe-S because it has made us what we are so we will do everything in our power to provide good and timely service.

If you have an individual order that we have dropped the ball on, please try contacting us as directly as possible so that we may remedy the situation. If we do not pick up the phone during business hours, please try us again; it simply means that we have an extremely high call volume. We do our best to catch as many calls as possible. The same goes for email. We are currently hiring more staff to ensure that ALL customer calls and emails are handled properly.

Crusher145 -
Your intake has shipped. This delay was due to a supply problem with our APS supplier and you should have been notified but you were not. We apologize for this so please contact us if you do not receive your item soon.

Diversion-I trust that Preston has taken care of you properly. Please do not hesitate to contact us if this is not the case.

This groupbuy was an absolute nightmare for everyone involved and is part of the reason why don't sell painted items anymore and were hesistant to even before this groupbuy. I understand you've talked to Preston about your rear spats and the situation has been handled satisfactorily. Please do not hesitate to contact us if this is not the case.

These bumpers were actually backordered for several months because we need to order 8+ at a time or they can't even be made. We just got a shipment of them so this is the first time they have been available in quite some time. I apologize that you were not made aware of this when you ordered the bumper. Your bumper is packaged and ready to ship; it is waiting to be picked up by Greyhound.


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