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Originally Posted by njskatchmo
I have about 70k miles on my 02 WRX. I can't get my car into 1st in a roll and Reverse always resists, not to mention a stiff 2nd gear. Am I ready for the Cocktail of:

1qt Redline lightweight shockproof
1qt Pennzoil Synchromesh
2qt Castrol HypoyC 80w-90

Is my tranny too high mileage for this?

How hard is it to replace this yourself? Anyone have directions?

What about the differential fluid any comments?

...juust do it....and NOT dump 4 qt in the tranny!!!!!!!!

That WILL overfill it---bad juju.

Add ~3.3 - the car---check....repeat a couple times....make SURE it isn't too much before ya add more.

Add the lube SLOWLY into the dipstick tube or you WILL get more UNDER the car than IN the tranny

...and the rear diff can use GL-5 whatever.....I'd use a syn like M1
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