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Thumbs up I used to put my trust in Mobil 1....

I'm a firm believer in synthetic fluids (dont forget tranny and diffs too). The main thing about synthetics is that they dont break down like conventional oils. I used to put in Mobil 1 everytime the fluids needed to go, but my brother convinced me to switch to Amsoil. Now I know that people will say it's all psychological when they notice a difference in performance when they change oil, and i mostly agree. but it's not psychological when they disassemble a motor and find minimal wear after 600K miles. and something like 400K on 1 oil change. -okay, this guy drives a diesel, and yes they generally last longer, and yes, this guy used a twin filter, 1 to get rid of the solids, and 1 for the water, and yes this guy used an oil analyzer to let him know the condition, but bottom line, it's still Amsoil motor oil he used. check it out on their website (pretty low budget, but it = less money spent on marketing and more on product.) here's some stuff i remember i saw on their site.....
something like Mobil was pushing/marketing their mobil 1 to the consumer with the 'special tri-synthetic blend' in the mid 90's. Amsoil counters by stating that they developed multi based oils like that and actually stopped using that outdated (dont know if it's the exact words, but same connotation) formula over 20 years ago. ohyea, these guys were the guys who first started synthetics for cars, they developed their oils from research for jet turbines. pretty cool stuff.
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