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Default Ver. 6 STI RA gearsets in stock! ACT and Exedy Clutch combos!

For the first time every in many many moons, we have STi Ver. 6 RA gear sets in stock and ready to ship.

Version 6 STI RA (Special Edition) Gearsets w/ Bearings and Synchros- Cryo Treated - $1909 shipped

- Stronger than stock WRX gears
- 1mm thicker gears
- Cryotreated for added durability
- Replace gears 1-4 (shorter ratios)
- Retains stock 4th and 5th gear ratios
- Better accelleration, same cruising fuel mileage

Version 6 STI RA (Normal) Gearsets w/ Bearings and Synchros- Cryo Treated - $1909 shipped

- Stronger than stock WRX gears
- 1mm thicker gears
- Cryotreated for added durability
- Replace all gears (shorter ratios)
- Ideal for track
- Better accelleration

JDM 5th and 6th Gear Close Ratio Conversion Kit - 04+ STi
The USDM 6-speed transmission was compromised by stringent US regulations for cruising fuel efficiency. Sacrificed was the close ratio gearing of the JDM 5th and 6th gears. This kit includes shorter 5th and 6th gears to convert your taller USDM 6-Speed Transmission to a true close ratio JDM STi spec gear box; the way it was designed to be. This conversion will be particularly useful for those of you who regularly track or drag race your car. As I'm sure you've noticed, their is a large space in gear ratios between 4th and 5th gears on the USDM 6spd. This oftentimes causes a grinding when shifting from 4 to 5 quickly because the synchros cannot catch up quickly enough to compensate for the large difference between gear ratios. Professional installation is recommended.

- Excellent upgrade for motorsports guys
- Better accelleration in 5th and 6th gear.
- Eliminates grinding when shifting up from 4th to 5th gear
- Restores 6 spd. to intended gearing


-5th Gear - 1.062 (0.971 stock)
-6th Gear - 0.842 (0.756 stock)

$319 Shipped for 5/6th Gear Conversion
$769 for rebuild w/ 5/6th Gear Conversion

Genuine Subaru Synchro & Bearing Kit for 6 Speed Manual Transmission (13 pcs) - 04+ STi
We have packaged together the most commonly damaged synchros and bearings for the Subaru STI 6-speed transmission. In all likelihood, if a transmission rebuild is necessary, these synchros and bearings also need to be replaced. Replacing these synchros and bearings can also cure many "mystery" gear box issues such as, "why does my tranny always grind going into 3rd gear," or "how come I sometimes can't shift down into 2nd gear." These are in stock and ready to ship. You can also send us your 6spd. to be rebuilt with these.

- Should be replaced when rebuilding your tranny
- Cures many transmission gremlins

$419 Shipped for Synchro and Bearing Kit
$869 for rebuild w/ new Bearing and Synchro Kit

Save money if you do both at the same time!

$719 Shipped for Synchro and Bearing kit, and 5/6th Spd. Conversion
$1149 for rebuild w/ new Bearing and Synchro Kit, and 5/6th Spd. Conversion

Cusco Engine/Tranny Mount Combo - 02+ WRX / 04+ STi - $250 Shipped
These mounts are stiffer than the STi Group N mounts and are designed to reduce excessive flex in the stock mounts.


Phone: (510) 783-5300

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Paypal: [email protected]
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product name: XXXX
sales rep: Mark
Price including shipping: $XXXX
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