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Originally Posted by ASpec818
i was deciding between these two too but opted for the tokicos since i didn't have to hack up my stock struts to put the inserts in. the install part for the koni's would've been harder and if you are going to isntall them through a shop, it will cost a lot more.

The adjustments on the tokicos are simple. you just insert the hex key they give you into the strut and turn clockwise or counterclockwise. however you ahve to remove rear seats to do the rears but i think konis are like that too.

No-No-No......dear in NOT

Mcmaster-Carr has some nice CHEAP(~$3/ea)...L O N G 3mm hex 5629A73

...which is what is used to adjust the Tokico's....the Tokico's come with some nice caps to cover the adjusters....drill appropriate sized hole in cap...insert long hex wrench....screw cap on...install seat....wrench sticks up above back seat for easy adjustement.

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