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Default Questions regarding winter fuel....

I have done a search for this but could not find the solution to my problem.
Thought my questions were more related to the tuning aspect of things, but if not, MOD's please accept my appologies.

Now, I know that with winter gas, the additives that are added to the gas to aid winter startup and all that good stuff tend to reduce the amount of energy that each molecule of gas supplies.... Is this correct?

I notice the worse gas milage also during the winter, and although it is partly because of the amount of time we spend idling the cars to warm them up, is another reason for the gas milage because the car runs leaner during winter, so the ecu needs to dump in more fuel during each combustion stroke to compensate? Or is this more because of the makeup of the winterfuel?

During winter, is 94 octane gas is really 94 octane gas, and more like 92 or the like?

Finally, does the nature of winter fuel mean that it might not be a good idea to get a good dyno tune for optimum power with it in the tank? Or is one better off waiting for the summer blend to kick back in?

Thanks guys.
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