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Default 04-05 STi owners - Fix your shifter slop!

There are roughly 14,000 USDM 04 and 05 STis out there, and only about 5% of them have fixed their shifter slop. We can help the other 95%. Our Super Shifter Set has gained quite a bit of a following over on, but I've come to notice that not a lot of the STi owners here are aware of it. I thought I'd add this thread to help out the 95% of the 04 and 05 STi owners who may not be aware of how we can make driving more enjoyable.

The TiC Super Shifter Set actually consists of 4 parts. One of those parts is ours, and the rest are made by Kartboy. Here's what you get in the bundle:

- Kartboy STi short shift lever
- Kartboy STi front shifter stay bushing
- Kartboy rear shifter stay bushing
- TiC 04-05 STi shift linkage bushings

Here's a quick picture:

Here's the direct link for it:

Price is set at $230, and shipping is free in the US.

This is a great bundle with great parts that you will benefit from many times every time you drive the car. Unlike some parts where you really have to get on it, or be pushing the car to truly enjoy these go to work every single time you shift. Plus, with the gearing on the STi you're shifting a lot so why not just get something you can put to good use?

What about the folks who have some of the stuff above, and don't need the whole kit? Well, we thought of you guys too. Here's what we've got.

TiC Bodacious Bushing Bundle - Here's what you get:
- Kartboy STi front shifter stay bushing
- Kartboy rear shifter stay bushing
- TiC shift linkage bushings

This is the bundle to get if you already have a new lever or if you just want to use the stock lever. Price is set at $90 and, again, shipping in the US is free.
Here's the pic:

Here's the link:

Ok, what about those of you guys who already have some of the other bushings, and just need to complete your setup? We've got you covered too.

First we have the Front Klicky Kit - This is for the folks who need just the front bushing, and the shift linkage bushings. Price is $60 (yep, free shipping in the US here too).


Second is the Rear Klicky Kit - This is for the folks who already have the front stay bushing, but still need the rear bushing and the shift linkage bushings. Price on this one is also $60. Shipping on this one is one million dollars (ok, just kidding. shipping is free in the US on this).

Picture thingie:


Now, what about the folks who have already picked up the stay bushings, and gone with the lever of their choice? Well, you can pick up just the linkage bushings. Price is $30 (did I mention free US shipping?). Here's the link:

And now for the subliminal message:
You need this stuff. You must have it. Get it get it get it. Heck, get one for your buddy while you're at it. Oh, and go out to the lobby and get some popcorn too. I wonder if anyone is actually reading this part. Someone should let me know. I'm curious.
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