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Originally Posted by clbd39
um it was Rich K here's the exact pm....

If the car only has Turbo Back exaust you don't need tuning. Cobb AccessPORT comes with a map that would work with it.

We have one in stock, its it $595 shipped!

Well that's all and good, but if i want the protune specifically for my exhaust will that not be better lol? Yea i also heard somewhere around 25 WHP extra, which means bad ass stuff! but i mean i feel my car isn't feeling right just because i guess, it's tuned to the stock exhaust and i have catless Turbo XS TBE so i dunno how to explain lol i just don't feel it's getting maxed out or anywhere near it, make sense? Thanks all keep the posts coming cause i'm very un-knowledgable on this topic!
also i think my quote was $1050 for the chipping and dyno tune time (i think 2 hrs)
kingtut12 what were the added HP, WHP, and torque with those mods? also where do i find out more info on that particular set up?

k, Well heres the Facts, If you get a COBB AP, No you do not need to get a Custom tune. It reflashes your ECU to the mods that are described for each stage

Stage 2 = Turbo Back exhuast. W/ reflash

Yes, You will get a little more power out of the car if You get it tuned But it isnt worth it.

For one. No you will not see 25awhp, If You get it tuned the Tunner will Just smooth out the Map for you. Adjust some A/F ratios and You can get a little power from that.

Personaly I dont think that It is worth getting A Custom tune for Unless you get extra Mods. Like a Header. But even then I would Wait till you go with a Bigger turbo.

Don't go to that tuner. Any custom tune will be an improvement over the AP as it's loaded with generic maps made to be safe for a wide range of cars.

And. I wouldnt say that. They do house One of the Best tuners in the US.

And P & L Motorsports Is by far one of the More customer Friendly Shop's Rich will always try finding the best deals for Buyers.

Plus he has that cute Polish accent
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