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Originally posted by Marty S
When road, conditions, and traffic permit I drive as fast as I safely can. Remember when they increased the national limit the safety NAZI's were beside themselves with worry over the general health of all the traveling public? The numbers prove that speed doesnt kill!!! Being a stupid moron does. Please do not assume the people who drive fast are doing so recklessly. I know plenty of people who drive under or at the limit who frankly suck so I dont believe its the speed that kills and that a little judgement goes a long way to ensuring that even the adrenaline junkies like me, and the majority of the members I know, a safe passage home.
I agree here. Its more about judgement than it is the actual speed. I have 0 accidents and I have driven more cars than I can count and I dont always abide by the speed limit. I would loose my mind driving 55 MPH 120 miles a day! And I dont think I have a race car either I drive the same speed as I always have and before I had a slow lethargic boat for a car.

You aernt going to kill anyone anyworse going 5mph over the speed limit that you would going to speed limit. Lets face it if you hit someone going 65 its pretty much all over. And you aernt going to kill anyone if you are going 100+ in some rural wide open area with no other cars around.

If tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise? If a car drives 100+ MPH and no one is around to see it is it really going 100+ MPH? Its all individual perception. What if 100MPH was the speed limit on all roads? Whats the difference between a 10 mile stretch of desert road and a track?Just chill everyone.
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