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Ok! I finally finished my stupid gauges. I did the standard Trunk_Monkey mod with the condoms from, but I added my own twist of "selective hotspotting and dimspotting" to even out the color. To fix the dimspots, I also ordered 2 12V 35mA LEAD LAMP .12" diameter bulbs. You can see where I mounted them in the pics below. To get rid of the ungodly bright hotspot on the fuel and oil temp gauges, I used a sheet of computer paper as a diffuser to "dim" the light to the rest of the cluster. I also swapped out the larger bulbs for smallers ones, but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. I only did that because large condoms were on backorder.

I won't lie and say that they came out 100% perfect, but they are damned close to the human eye. Or at least my eyes heh. There is a slight dimming around the H and C of the oil temp gauges and near the 0 of the tachometer. Also the 140 mph area of the speedo is a little bright, but my boost gauge kind of masks that. Without further adieu, here are the pics:

This is where I added the extra bulbs. I drilled an 11/64 hole in the plastic, put two condoms on each of the bulbs and just stuck them in there. They hold pretty well with the condoms. Bulb licking worked EXTREMELY well!

Here you can see that all the big bulbs were swapped out. I just changed bulbs with the signal lamps and the battery charge indicator. I'm not sure if this really had an effect on the color spread.

Here's the lighting all ready to go. The two new bulbs are wired together and they dim with the factory dimming stalk. They draw power from an unused plug for the factory boost gauge. It's usually taped to the radio harness, with purple (-) and orange (+) wires. I borrowed Handsdown's idea with the wedge connectors so it's easily reversible.

This is my ghetto computer paper diffuser. It really helped even out the light on the fuel/oil gauges with the rest of the cluster.

Close gauge shot. Either my cheap camera is playing tricks on me, or there really is discoloration that my eyes cannot see in person around the 2 and 3 of the tachomoter. Notice the slight dimming on the H and C of the oil temp gauge, and the 0 area of the tach. I think those areas could've been brighter if I had been more thorough about sanding the green crap off the back of them.

One of the few times I'm actually glad to have Omoris. This is more like what my gauges look like in person. I think they turned out pretty nice.
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