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I think i read a statistic somewhere that more than 60% of auto accidents aernt actually cause by people going too fast. They are caused by people going too slow. Which makes sense, who is paying more attention to the road? The person casually going 40 MPH down the freeway or the person that is going 80 or 90 MPH? I would like to think the person going 80 or 90 is paying a **** load more attention to whats going on than the old half blind grandparent going 40.

And as far as insurance rates go its not just the people who get in accidents going too fast that effect the rates its those old people that cant see that are going too slow. So maybe you should go yell at them too. Maybe you should become a cop a write tickets to everyone who is not going exactly 65 MPH!! About 90% of your insurance rate is based on YOU! Only 10% is other drivers. I pay $2400 a year on my car, if my mom owned my car and paid the insurance she would probably be paying $500 a year!
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