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Thumbs up DIY: Cruise Control Light Bulb Replacement With Photos

There are numerous threads helping ppl how to change the burnt light bulb in the cruise control switch, but I think none of them have clear instructions with photos. Therefore I came up with mine after I did it over the weekend. (Thanks to those who spreaded the P/N of the replacement bulbs from RadioShack)

The following photos are taken from my 2004 WRX. I don't guarantee if they should look the same on other models.

1. A cruise control switch looks like this

2. Many ppl said in order to remove the switch, the screws which hold the dash panel will be first removed, etc... But I found this is not necessary. Just remove the little coin box below the switch (which will expose the fuse box), then stick your palm in. Unplug the connection from the cruise control switch, then use your finger to lift the lower "hook" of the switch, then push it out (SEE photo below where has a red circle)

When done, you'll see this: (I have removed the other dummy covers on right of the cruise control switch just for fun, you DON'T have to do this)

3. The bulb is located under that blue cover. Use any small screwdriver to turn counter-clockwise for like 1/8 turn, and it can be removed as shown below:

The factory bulb is quite long in length, and its terminal "legs" go through the 2 holes of the blue cover and then "wrap around" the cover so A) The bulb sits securely on the cover; B) The terminal legs touch the contact points of the cruise control switch and complete the circuit.

4. Use any tiny object (like an extra small screwdriver for eyeglasses, or needle, etc) to pry the wire of the burnt bulb, "unwrap" around the blue cover, and remove the burnt bulb. Next, get replacement bulbs. I chose RadioShack 272-1092 (#7219 Micro Lamp) because this is the only one I know after searched on NASIOC. Price is about $1.50 for a package of 2 bulbs.

5. Insert the new bulb into the blue cover, with the 2 terminal legs go through the 2 holes on the cover, then route/wrap around the cover exactly as how the factory bulb did. When done, cut away part of the terminal leg which is longer than necessary. See below. (Note: The RadioShack bulb is shorter than the factory bulb).

6. Reinsert the blue cover into the cruise control switch, and turn clockwise for 1/8 turn to lock in place:

7. Insert the cruise control switch back to the dash panel, reconnect the connector from behind. Double check the "hook" at the bottom of the switch has lock the switch to the panel securely.

8. Now, ALMOST DONE! Insert the key, turn to ON position, then turn on the corner lights (or lowbeam). Check and see if the cruise control switch glows or not. See below.

NOTE: The right-half of the letter "E" is not really bright, and I believe it is because the bulb length is too short so part of the light from the bulb filament is blocked by the blue cover..... But, I think it's ok and not worth my time to customize an "insulating-gasket" between the bulb and the blue cover in order to "rise up" the bulb a little bit and stands out from the cover.

9. Finally, put everything back to place, it's done!

I can't link too many pics due to rules set by administrator. Please CLICK HERE for the final pic

Cost: ~$0.75 + tax per bulb, plus gasoline to drive back and forth to RadioShack. Altogether it is around a $1.20 DIY job. How much will dealer charge you? FREE if the bulb burnt within warranty period, or $3x.xx (parts) + labor. Dealer does not carry replacement bulb for this switch, but have to sell you as a complete switch (DOH!)
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