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Originally Posted by Hawke
I'm guessing you are talking about why the AFR is at 14.7. It's because of the open loop / closed loop fueling delay that subaru implemented in 2004 for emissions.
Yes, I was wondering about that. Why is it like that? From what I've read in the above mentioned thread, boost and too lean of a mixture is not good.

So, does this mean if you go full throttle below ~3500 rpm, you risk detonation? I ask because I've heard mild? knocking on my stock '06.

Changing the subject, does the dyno load increase with rpm? I'm assuming the load increases to simulate aerodynamic drag?

Perhaps I'm not phrasing my question the right way...sorry, I am trying. What I am trying to figure out is in reference to this from Christian at Cobb:

"This vehicle is leaner at lower RPM then richens up as RPM increases. You can also clearly see the closed-loop to open-loop delay. This vehicle had generated approximately 8 lbs. of boost by 3000 RPM where it was still running in CL at a 14.5-14.7 A/F ratio. I could feel this while driving on the street. Below 3000 RPM the vehicle feels like it has turbo lag and it also feels inconsistent. Torque tended to move more below 3000 RPM on the dyno as well. I could feel the car stumble trying to burn that lean on the dyno and on the street. At 3000 RPM the vehicle picks up then takes off at 3500 RPM."

I've personally noticed weird, for lack of a better descriptor, glitch in the throttle around 3500 rpm. It's not always there and I haven't yet figured out how to duplicate it, but it definately does not "feel" right.
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