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Default Alcoholics Anonymous

This is cool that we now have a sub-forum to help our cars deal with this addiction. Chime in if your car has become an Alky... or a tea totaler (water injection) that may fall off the wagon some day

Post a little bit about your setup and I'll keep a running total of who has what system.

-Steve. (Pssst, thanks Jon)

Name		 Type of System			 Car and Mods		 
Blennophobic	Snow Performance 50/50 water/meth	 WRX w/SR-30 @ 20psi (ECUTEK)
Davenow		SMC 50/50 water/den.alc		 STi VF39 @ 20psi
Zornorph		SMC 50/50 water/alc			 STi VF39
banzai		SMC 50/50 water/meth 		 WRX 2.5L w/VF22 @ 18psi (CobbST)
scoobie1		Coolingmist 100% methanol		 STi VF39 @ 19psi
tribalwrx		SMC 100% methanol			 WRX TD04 @ 20psi (UTEC)
RaiN		SMC 100% alc 			 WRX w/VF34 @ 19psi (UTEC)
aprazma		SMC 100% methanol			 WRX w/TD05-16G @ 19psi
ULTIMATE CC	Snow Performance water/meth		 EVO8 @ 28psi
DISCOPOPE	SMC 50/50 alc/washer fluid		 STi TD06-20G @ 21.5psi (UTEC)
mpower22		SMC 50/50 water/alc			 STi 20g @ 23psi
modifyd		Snow Performance 50/50 water/meth	 STi FP green @ 26psi
BVM		SMC 25/75 water/alc			 WRX w/SR-30 @ 20psi (ECUTEK)
mindchatter	SMC 50/50 water/alc			 STi w/SR-40 @ 22psi
nosmo		SMC 50/50 water/meth 		 WRX
CoolRex		SMC 100% methanol			 WRX w/TD05-18G @ 22psi (ECUTEK)
jtanoyo1		Aquamist 2d 50/50 water/meth		 JDM STi @ 1.5bar (Autronic sm4)
scooby007		Coolingmist 100% methanol		 WRX w/VF34 @ 22psi
DonkeyPunch	Snow Performance 50/50 water/meth	 WRX w/VF22 @ 22 psi (UTEC)
testes1010	Coolingmist 50/50			 WRX w/TD05-20G @ 21psi (UTEC)
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