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Default After reading some more

Ok guys, I've been reading. Cobbs website says if you are going to run a more free flowing exhaust it highly recomends running stage2 em, not the other way around. I see no warnings of running this way. The only warnings I see are posted on the hwg maps. I compared stage1 and stage2 map notes. The differences I found are a 1.1psi increase in target boost, and a rev limiter increased by 150 rpm. Also the 11.1 A/F ratio target is dropped from 4000rpm to 3500 at full load. Unless I was blowin this thing out at a track, I question whether one high flow cat is gonna make that critical difference. Has anyone heard of damage from the extra backpressure?
Remember this thing is just a street runner, and that cat only has to take a 150rpm increase in exhaust flow at the extreme, (ok and a little extra hydracarbon), but it looks to me, by using stage2 you are speeding engine wear either way if you put your foot in it all the time.
"speed costs, how fast you want to go" Those pedals are money meters.
Hey, I welcome all input, I just changed that map this morning and it has about 50 miles on it now. I will take it to work tomorow and start monitoring some parameters, I have ease diagnostics on my laptop and will record any relevent available PIDs. Especially EGT and LTFT values
I'm not opposed to spending money on this car, I like to justify it though.

Please tell me if I'm nuts.

Thanks again...
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