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I'm in the process of changing over to Megasquirt for fuel control on my '02 RST. I'm doing it because the current setup of using piggyback to account for nearly double-size injectors has various issues like poor cold-start and over-rich on tip-in.
The current 'main-line' for MS is the MS2 processor on what they call a v3 main-board. With this you get two injector drivers that can each drive at least 4 injectors, but yes, you only get batch inject. There is (quite advanced) spark control, but only a single output which needs to be mechanically distributed, so effectively there is no solution for COP wasted spark systems (terminology? I don't know much about spark systems).
The reason I'm interested in it are:
- It's cheap
- It's open source (I plan on tinkering a lot)
- It can run closed-loop fueling over the whole rev/load range with wideband O2 sensor (I'm using a TechEdge WB02)

I'm yet to find out what disadvantages I'll find from bank fire. My gut feeling says if any, they'll only be idle or low load, since when you get to high load with over 50% open time, what does sequencing really mean anyway?
If I find bank fire too much of a problem, then I might be working on extending the code with another two injector drivers to give sequential fire. I think if this was done, then MS is a viable option for fuel control (esp with WB closed loop), but is nowhere near a spark solution.

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