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Default AWD. LSD on '99 Legacy?

I apologize in advance if I say something that makes no sense (-:
I'm new to AWD and Subaru's

I got stuck for the first time in my Legacy the other day. I parked my car in some fairly deep snow and when I woke up, my car had settled down onto the snow so my whole car was basically resting on its frame. My left tires ended up off the pavement on the dirt. Well, with my Potenza R730's (I think that's the model#) tires, I couldn't go anywhere. My left tires just sat there spinning in the mud. my right front was spinning in the snow (hadn't hit the pavement yet) and my right rear (on pavement) was not moving at all.

Now, I thought all newer Subaru's had LSDs on the rear that would prevent my left rear wheel from spinning while my right was not doing anything. Is that not the case?

From what I understand, under normal circumstances, the power is distributed 90/10 front/rear and when front slippage is detected, it goes to 50/50. So is there only a center LSD? Did they change that at a certain model year?

Also my rear defrost is painfully weak. is this common and can it be fixed?

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