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Originally Posted by cubuff
I just got these today. I was a little dissapointed by the packaging. All the valve springs and retainers were just thrown into a ziplock baggie! Not that this is a big deal but for 1k you would expect everything to be nicely packaged.
Maybe it came from Japan separated and they had to go with secondary alternatives? Especially when Gruppe-S throws your valve springs and retainers into like 10 lbs of peanut packaging, I am sure that they planned on it not going anywhere...ziploc bag is better than no bag or no box in your case and just thrown in with the peanuts for you to search for them . For $1,000 on some really good quality cams is nothing to be complaining about, if you are so worried about the packaging then you should have gone with the Jun's for double the price...I'm pretty sure their's come in a box but without the peanuts. So I guess that is better...

Originally Posted by sonic rx
no i don't whine ,and yes i like my welds to look nice even if it is under the car and they are. i payed 900 shipped not a grand you payed more and got the same crap pack job. i don't know what backwoods town you live or buy your parts from ,but i never got a cam,or springs out of a box ,or in a ziploc bag. as for jun i bet you get a cam card with specs ,and the springs will be in a box not a ziploc bag. teh end
Uh obviosuly you do whine and if not that then you get into business that doesn't even have to do with you, but I'm sure we all have seen people like sad find a life better yet find a girl!! If you got the the Helix RNA's for $900 shipped then you must have been one of those whiney one's and trying to beg for a cheaper price for them to give you $100 off their advertised price, especially since the majority of Gruppe-S's products are very low priced and already include the shipping. "i never got a cam,or springs out of a box ,or in a ziploc bag" how many of these have you gone through...

Originally Posted by cubuff
Exactly!! Im glad to see I wasnt the only one. Thats why I was thrown off. I was expecting the springs and retainers all to be boxed not thrown into a bag. All springs and retainers I have ever seen have been neatly packed and seperated. I was really expecting cam specs as well and was really dissapointed there wasnt a spec sheet.
Again, ziploc bag + peanuts is better than nothing and I am sure if either Helix or Gruppe-S could've included cam specs they would have but yeah I can see your argument there.

Originally Posted by sonic rx
what i was beefing about is the fact that when i called gruppe-s they said ' um um the specs are on the site' i said no they are not .i need like a cam card with real specs durations,and all the other vitals.
gruppe-s ' what do ya mean?these cams are 264's duration what else is there to know? we have used them with no problems'.
i replied what about at duration at 50 degrees?
gruppe-s ' what about it ? i don't think we know that info.let me check......... ok there is none available you should be fine with these i have to go ' now that is great customer care, and they build engines. i guess i should buy one of those to i wonder if they have specs on what they are doing with those they need to pull thier heads out of thier rearends,and get some info.i will never buy from them again,and i will offer this info to who ever asks about them.
"beefing about..." who are you Ja Rule? And as far as answering your questions when you called, who was it that you talked to because everytime I called there was some there readily to answer any questions that I may have and if they weren't able to they are able to find out and get back to me on it in a very short amount of time. Maybe you talked to one of the new employees who they just hired that is still learning the ropes of the system and products, if that was the case then yea I can see how this may have happend though I don't believe you had the exact wording of the whole conversation.

btw for such an internet bully, you suck at posting don't double post that's rule #1 for forum posting .

Originally Posted by cubuff
I agree packaging has no real long term affect on how the cams will perform. Its stupid to even talk about it anymore.

Maybe gruppe-s can find out all the specs on these cams since they are Helix's biggest dealer.
I agree with you on that one, way to start a thread and getting it jumped on by some lame ass who has nothing better to do but of course like I said we have seen these kinds of people before and it is pretty sad if you ask me . But back to the main point of you starting this thread, I hope all goes well with your project and keep us updated on how it goes, just not in this thread because I am sure it will be locked soon if people keeping talking crap back and forth.

Originally Posted by sonic rx
oh it does if it damages a lobe on the cam,and i asked for the specs when i called them,and they said they do not have any.
Oh it if but it wasn't and we already know you asked them you said that when you were "beefing" about it in your lame double post...we get your point but the final word should be if it's a good product or not? It is Helix and JDM so I would believe it to just kill it and stop coming up with more lame things to say and take my advice GO GET A LIFE!! Go drive your car around...blow off some steam that way, I love doing it!

That's all I have to say, I will just continue sitting back and watch this develop if it is allowed. I just can't stand when I see people jump onto the band wagon and try to start something. But I just want to say Gruppe-S is a very reputable company and they will continue to strive with their quality products and customer service!

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