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Originally Posted by sonic rx
WOW you are a retard. i bought the cams and they came loose in a box with a handful of peanuts not 10 lbs of peanuts second of all i talked to geoff. not that bright about a product they designed.... the issue i have is they are selling a product that they have no info on i called 3 different times to get info on these things and not one person has any idea. this is the first time i have had an issue with them. every other time it has been fine. i am putting together a very exspensive engine for my wrx,and i think knowing the specs on these cams is important. i have built engines for 20+ years and all the cams hundreds of them came with cam cards,and springs all came in boxes. oh yeah i have been married with kids for 13 years. thanks for you wonderful insight!!! i am amazed at how smart you are .thanks OwNt

OK, first issue. We are sorry you were unhappy with the packaging of the cams. We repackage these cams when we get them from Helix. These cams do come in individual boxes and are then put in a box of peanuts but it appears that we need to provide additional pacakaging. Because of your comments, we will provide better packaging from this point foward. Thanks for your feedback.

Second issue. Firstly, we are not Helix. We work very closely with Helix on their product development and in many other arms of the company but we are not their engineers and we do not own the company. Secondly, I also apologize for the lack of information regarding these cams. This is something that we are also not happy about and because of this, we have been in contact with Helix to obtain this information. We hope to have it shortly. Thirdly, I'm fairly certain I never talked to you (or I don't remember talking to you if I did). I don't appreciate being called "not that bright." If our sales reps truly said the things that you say they said, then we owe you an apology. They should have acted more professionally and they will be chastized for that. However, they weren't witholding information; they simply didn't have the specs on the cams.

Again, thanks for your feedback and we apologize that you saw our service and Helix's product unsatisfactory. We are making changes to correct these shortcomings and hope that you will be more satisfied with us in the feature should you decide to give us another chance.


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