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Default SBC-id info vs. other boost control methods

So I am tossing around ideas - Unichip, SBC-id, AVC-r, Link, back and forth and going insane.

Here are the conclusion I have come to from research. Feel free to comment as I would like this to be an open discussion. I am by no means an expert on turbo cars.

Unichip - Seems to be reliable. Some CEL issues and EGT issues. No real in cockpit user control. Not sure I am entirely comfortable with leaning out the fuel mixture. From the number I looked at with the factory fuel mixture it seemed good to run on the safe side for forced induction.

SBC-id - nice to have the in cockpit adjustment. Also apparently these do limit part throttle boost to control EGT temps (is this true??)

MBC - thanks

Stnadalone system - big willy style for crazy mods. not really what I have planned.

I am leaning towards the SBC-id. I want to be able to keep boost down to stock levels and just crank it up for some fun (say to 16 or so PSI). Concerns are:
1.) any EGT issues with the SBD-id?
2.) how to hide this from the dealer? I need to tap into wires etc unless there is plug and play harness??
3.) what happens in the event of a vacuum leak in the line leading to SBC (or the line comes undone)....this could be interesting. If the SBC doesn't read boost pressure does it keep the wastegate stay closed? Just some food for thought.

Appreciate any help on this. Researching these options has been quite an experience. Phew...I think I have a headache

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