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Your not the only one who is going crazy.

Unichip is a major problem in cold weather. In most of australia it doesn't get below freezing and the altitude is mostly below 3000ft so unichip works fine down there. I,m an Aussie. That's why problems are developing here as temperature changes and altitude are greater. Seems it is a good thing to go with a ebc with unichip here.

Have talked at length with link ecu distributor here in Calgary. He is turbo expert with very good connection to link manufacturing. There has been a problem with link ignition and tumble valve for US wrx that has only very recently been fixed. Now this link distributor has shown me windows based tuning setup for ecu and wrx. If you give him cars vin number the link factory in New Zealand can pre tune for your mods and is very accurate as the only tuning required when it is put in is its own self tuning which learns for its self. He as a turbo expert also suggested I should use a ebc to turn down boost and only turn up for fun on those occassions.

Talked with Dale at Teagues auto(great guy). He has put mods on his car like exhaust,uppipe, samco intercooler hoses etc and NO ecu upgrade as he is waiting on link ecu and at the moment he believes his car is getting crank hp around 265. We also discussed putting on a vf 23/29 turbo without ecu mods as there is enough fuel in the stock system but as yet the only person to recommend this is Dominic Rigoli in Australia which he said just add vf23. Dominic also said to run a fuel bleed on the car with an air/fuel ratio meter. He said you don't need ecu upgrading till 350 hp, just exhaust, intake, ebc and bleed the fuel down to lean out the extra rich mixture or put on the vf23 without the fuel bleed.

So the only thing at the moment that all these people agree on is an ebc. The rest of the ecu stuff has become very easy for me. WAIT till spring, by then Dale at teagues auto, shiv and others will have setup etc on link. The unichip cold problems will all come out and a fix might too. Others by then will have tried vf23 without upgrading ecu or fuel bleed.

Lastly, get the exhaust,uppipe and panel filter samco hoses and an ebc for fun moments. and wait till all this sorts itself out
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