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Default re: RHD, LHD, European, US headlamps

Howdy, Froggert.

England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand all drive on the left (left-hand traffic, right-hand drive) and so use left-traffic European ECE headlamps.

Japan drives on the left (left traffic, right hand drive) and until recently used lamps similar to US DOT items, but for left-traffic; now they use left-traffic European ECE headlamps.

Continental Europe, Scandinavia, China, South America, and Russia drive on the right (right traffic, left hand drive) and use right-traffic European ECE headlamps <--THESE ARE THE ONES TO GET FOR UPGRADING NORTH AMERICAN SPEC CARS

The US and Canada drive on the right and use right-traffic US DOT headlamps <-- THESE TEND TO SUCK

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