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Four Answers (sorta)...

1. DOT-approved helmets will have a small white & black DOT sticker on the back, or inside somewhere. If it's SNELL approved, then it's automatically DOT approved as SNELL is higher than DOT. Since this isn't a race, and there's no sanctioning body, I'm not even sure they'll check, so just grab any helmet and they'll probably OK it.

I don't know if the track has loaners, but someone here might, I'm already loaning out my extras or I'd offer one.

2. You do, just dig under the couch, in the center console, etc

3. The date will be Wednesday, April 5th. There will probably be other dates, but this is the closest available. I'll also check to see what's available down the road, but as spring gets warmer, we'll lose more days to organized events.

4. I've run a bone-stock FXT on Geolanders before, and I've seen pretty much everything on the track.

Most people are bring complete street/stock setups, the key isn't the car, it's the driver. Just drive like you would normally, and if you notice brake fade, or excessive tire wear, back off, pit and cool down, etc. Your setup should be fine, no worries.

It's not a race, it's just a day to have a blast driving your car like you *wish* you could every day. It's just up to the driver to know their limits, and their car's limit and not go over the line.

If you drive within those limits, you and your car will be fine. It's when people push beyond limits that cars get wrecked and people get hurt--which I really don't want to see and definitely don't want to be part of.

Originally Posted by Foxy
Four things..
1. What's a DOT-Approved helmet? What sticker should I look for on the helmet? Do they have loaners?
2. Need to see if I have $100 to spend
3. Need to know what date exactly
4. I've never been on a road course before, and I have only powerslots/ss lines/hawk HPS for brakes, and Falken Ziex 512's (all seasons) for tires. Am I going to die?

Right now, it probably wouldn't be good to count me on the list; I kinda doubt I'll be able to swing a day off that quickly.
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