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There are 3 other drivers who will be at the track, so we can't do an Exclusive NASIOC day at this point, which is OK too, since we probably needed more planning to pull that off--I would have given you guys more time had I known about it sooner.

I'm still going to be there Wednesday, and 2-3 people are going with me, so if Foxy and TwoFive show, then that's 6 NASIOCers and 3 others, so still a good (small) group for a 2.2mi track.

Also, if $100 is too steep, just go for a 1/2 day for $60.

A 1/2 day is 4hrs from when you show (anytime 8am to 4pm, when the track closes, so if you show @ 3pm, you'll only get 1 hour for the 1/2 day rate).

I'm not sure if there will be fuel avalible at the track, if there isn't then you'll have to leave, refuel and return.

Adding to Diz (who gave great advice) care for your machine before you come to the track, so be sure everything is top-shape (brakes, tires, no leaks, cracked windshields, etc) and ready to run.

Then, probably more importantly, be sure YOU are in top-shape, since the machine's only able to perform to YOUR limits.

Eat, get rest the night before, bring *plenty* of fluids and munchies to last the day (you can/will get exhausted and dehydrated if you're not prepared with water & food).

When you get fatigued, pull off the track, rest, cool down, eat, rehydrate, BS a bit, relax and watch other people (esp their lines, etc) and then when you're ready, go back out and do it again.

Staying rested and hydrated makes you more alert, which means you're a safer driver, and that's good for you, your car, and everyone else.

Originally Posted by Diz
I had some of my best days (most fun) at the track driving at 8/10 & just enjoying the experience. Go for it, you won't regret it.
Exactly, and you be amazed how 8/10 on the track is like 15/10 on the road, it's just that much more intense & sustained.

Since I'm new to this track and still new to my STI, I won't be pushing it. I'm going to learn the track, learn the car, and learn anything else I can to plan for the next track day, and the next, and the next.

And as Diz said, I'd air up my tires, and bring a pump and good gauge in your tool box to vary pressures as you need. Track pressures are typically way higher than street (I'll probably run 40psi or so if that gives you an idea).

So, try to make this one, I'd like to meet everyone in the flesh, and maybe plan out our next NASIOC Track Day while we're there.

Oh, and AutoX (SCCA) will be at DIA on the 16th (Sunday).

For now, let's just see you guys @ the Track WEDNESDAY!
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