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AFAIK, it's free to spectate from trackside, and it's free to ride-along with a paid driver--you'll still need a helmet though.

However, you shouldn't feel intimidated by trackdays, they are *not* races; they're just a chance tofind out what you and your car can do in a safe, controlled environment. You don't have to "push it" just because you're on a track.

Think of a track day as a great mountain road, just without blind corners, school buses, gravel trucks, RVs, and idiots backing out of driveways.

The point is, go at your own pace.

This will be my first time at this track in my new STI, so I know I won't be setting a blistering pace.

If you think you're too slow, just pull off the racing line and let anyone behind you go by, then get back on your pace. It's no big deal, especially since with open track days there will be huge differences in driver skill, experience, and car capabilities.

You may have veteran SCCA champions running their fully prepped race car on the same track as some kid in his mom's Taurus, so everyone just has to run their own pace and not worry about the other guy.

So, as to the ride-along, it should be free, you'll need a helmet, and then someone to let you ride shotgun.

Most people who were interested in tomorrow have backed out, so it may just be me and 1-3 people from the dealership going, plus the 3+ that have already signed up at PMSP.

I may or may not have a passenger already, depends on who's going. If my buddy goes, he should have his passenger seat open, and though I can't speak for him, I don't think he'd mind (just don't puke in the car )

Also, if you're interested in getting on the track, it's never a bad idea to get a ridealong first, see how the other guy does it, try to learn, follow & observe, then go get your car and get on the track

As to the time...not sure.

I wanted to be there right as they open, but I'm in Denver, so it's ~2hrs to the track from my house, which would mean leaving super early.

So I may not get there until 10a-12p if I have to wait on other drivers to show up.

I'll try to post tonight once I know who is, and who isn't going. I get off work at 9:30pm, so it'll probably be late when I post (11pm or later).

See you there!
(and bring munchies )

Originally Posted by pillarguy17
Well, I just got my Wrx not long ago. Have barely driven it. I might head down just to watch you guys tear it up, and meet some of you. I would like to eventually track my car someday, but am kind of intimidated by it. Would anyone be willing to let me ride along? If its cool, what would PMSP charge if I was just a spectator?

Also, what time are you all planning on being there?

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