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Originally Posted by Synx
Not sure whats going on here, but this was happening before i went Cobb AP, so im guessing it could be something mechanical or in the factor firmware on the ECU. But basically when ever i sit in stop and go traffic for more than a few min, the idle jumps up to 2000 and driveability becames a pita. Sometimes i can turn off the car and restart and it will go away, but most time it just takes some normal driving to go back to regular idle. Also when it happens as i shift the rev's jump up 200 or 300+ rpm when i lift off to shift. Its starting to worry me a bit now. I was thinking today that possible it could be a waste gate issue maybe its not opening up, but that doesn't explain why it would only happen with stop and go traffic. Any every experienced this before? Got about 60K on the block now, and last time i check at about 30K compression was normal and this was happening even back then.
The 200 or 300 RPMS after lift-off on a shift is normal WRX should just adjust your driving and get off the gas a hair sooner...

Sometimes it occurs out of one has yet to pin down the cause yet...
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