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I really shouldn’t gloss over how much additional tuning was required for these cams to work well. The car would start but didn’t stay running when cold and the idle quality was poor until I richened up the AFR. Adding fuel to the “cranking and post start enrichment” solved the cold start issues. I also had to take advantage of some new features available on the 2.17 and newer Hydra software versions. They have a specific AC compensation map to bump rpm by 250 and a new “max AC integrator” map that allows finer control over the ISC valve when the AC is utilized. This along with some fuel tweaking delivered perfect again idle control as the AC cycled on an off. I then had a wicked hesitation around 2800 rpm and all I can chalk this up to would be a significant VE change. I suspect poor intake velocity under 2500 rpm and above is where it cleans out. To resolve this, much AVCS tuning was required along with rescaling the Hydra fuel map for more resolution in the 2500-3000 rpm range. Running richer AFRs in certain low load and rpm areas and a ton of fuel needed to be added above 5K rpm.

If you don’t have a good stand-alone these cams may not be the best choice. Would I do it again? Yes, they are well worth it! So if anyone with a Element Hydra needs a base map, I’ve done the hard work for you.

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